Big Income Small Lists Email Marketing Cohort #1

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Want to Effortlessly Create Small But Profitable Email Lists and Campaigns?

The First Email Marketing cohort Runs From January 30th-February 28th

During the Cohort You'll:

• Get actionable tips each day for improving your email marketing campaigns and achieving success

• Learn how to effectively use email marketing to build relationships with your subscribers

• Learn how to effectively segment and target your email list for maximum engagement and profit

• Discover the secrets to creating engaging, relevant and personalized email content

• Build Automations that will run your business on autopilot

The Salesy Bit!

Not very long ago people considered a 1% or 2% conversion rate to be a good conversion rate.

 5% and most marketers would be jumping for joy like an over-excited puppy.

 So imagine for a moment what a 20% conversion rate would mean to your business, your lifestyle and your family.

 If you know your conversion rate do a bit of math and work out how much extra you'd earn if you hit 20%

 No conversions yet or don't know your figures?

Think what would happen if 1 out of every 5 subscribers bought from you.

 Of course, you may still be inclined to believe the people who tell you 2% is good.

 But here's the thing,  I lied to you about 20% conversions!


 It can be more like 40% and 50% but no one would believe a headline like that.

It Started In a Most Peculiar Way

It all started at my daughter's wedding. To be more precise the day after.

I was lying on the beach in Mexico thinking about my online business and how far it had come in 13 years.

I hadn't been happy with the typical type of marketing I saw everyone try for a long time.

So decided to try something new.

I started this crazy business so that I could spend time with my family and see my daughter grow up.

 Mission Accomplished!

 In 13 years I'd gone from "How can I make money online" (Yes, I did type that into Google) to having a business that consistently created an income I could only dream of when I started

But I was still tied to a desk and often worked 8-10 hours a day, I didn't start Online Marketing to replace one 9-5 with another

That was totally not what I expected or wanted to be doing when I started

 I wanted a new challenge,  I wanted a system that gave me flexibility.

 That day the journey started.

Highly Profitable Email Campaigns That Convert Like Hotcakes

Email Marketing has always been a powerful platform on which you can build your online business.

10 years ago, I  focused all my efforts on learning email marketing from the best.

 That investment paid off thousands of times over.

I attended several events, bought many courses and was incredibly lucky that one of my regular golf partners and drinking buddies was the great Andre Chaperon.

Our idea of a fun Friday afternoon was to sit with a burger and beer and plan funnels and autoresponder sequences and generally talk about email marketing.

Those Friday afternoon conversations had a deep impact on how I still approach marketing to this day.

Analysis => Success

Laid on that Mexican beach (Yes, it had 3MB WiFi) I started to analyse all the stats for my campaigns.

Which ones worked well and which ones flopped and more importantly why they worked or failed?

I started to think about everything I'd learned since I sent my first email.

 It became obvious that one thing I was doing occasionally was working really well.

(Not a Stock Photo! This is me writing an email on that Mexican beach)

There on the beach with a cocktail and a laptop like a truly awful Instagram ad I started to create a new type of campaign.

 It took under two hours to set up.

 No sales page, no landing page, no membership site just an email and a cart link.

 I sent out the email and closed my laptop for 24 hours.

Here Is The Result Of That Campaign 42% Conversion Rate - $9366 Revenue

That worked well!

Over the following few days, I  followed up with other campaigns to different segments that often converted at an even higher rate.

I knew I was onto something!

Start To Use This Simple Method Today and See Immediate Results

Segment, Segment, Segment

Segmentation was part of the secret.

I had identified 84 subscribers who had opened a series of emails and who had previously purchased a product from me.

I created an offer just for them.  I could just as easily have found a relevant affiliate offer and sent that.

I then sent a very specific offer... that's it!

You Too Can Get Results Like This.

I was really excited about the potential of these types of campaigns.

As soon as I returned home I set about creating some training for my existing customers and made it available to them.

At the same time, I created a "pilot" group coaching program for anyone who wanted to take it further and help me test some other ideas I had.

 By talking to the members I confirmed that this would work for everyone and was easy to implement.

 It was time to analyse how and why this worked so well and test some new ideas to improve results.

You Can Turn Even Small Lists Into a Full-Time Income.

We decided to see how far we could take this simple concept.

 Most marketers don't have a large list, in fact, research showed that most people didn't have a list at all yet.

 So it was important that this worked for small and medium-sized lists.

 We decided that it would be useful if you could start with just a few subscribers a day and build a business from scratch.

 We wanted to create something that would allow people like you to quickly see results and scale or build your online business.

 We succeeded.

Start to Create Profitable Small Email Lists Today With These Techniques

We already know that segmentation works, in fact, it's been shown to increase conversions by up to 760% over non-segmented lists.

 By segmenting new subscribers you will immediately increase your conversion rates because you can talk to them about their problems and needs in a more accurate way.

But there is more to it than just segmentation

• Segmentation
• Automation
• Conditional Content
• Growing a List From Your Perfect Audience
• Creating Emails That Convert

Those are the 5 key skills you need to master if you want to take Email Marketing to the next level

What about existing lists?

It's never too late to segment a list, By using a method of post-segmentation you can get the same results as you can with new subscribers.

Once segmented you can start to bring in the other techniques and see your list become more profitable in the coming weeks.

Use these Techniques To Supercharge Your Lists.

To help you to increase conversions even more I am going to teach you techniques that are rarely taught.

Automating Your Business

If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend working in your business then automations are a must.

Last year I spent one day in January writing 2 email sequences, over the rest of the year those sequences earned me $6 per subscriber.

I didn't spend any more time on them throughout the year.

Automations are how I can work 30 minutes a day on my business.

Conditional Content

If you start to use Conditional Content it will fast become your biggest source of additional income.

Conditional Content allows you to place the right offer in front of the right customer and the right time.

Simply put if you have 2 customers John and Sarah and they have bought different offers you can send the same email to both and they will see an offer for the product they haven't yet bought.


Forget Old Style Email Sequences - Take Your Customer On A Buyers Journey 

Unlock Your Subscriber's Minds Like Sherlock Holmes Unlocks A Mystery with Interest Based Targeting

Here is a riddle for you.

Who is most likely to buy your course on building a BBQ?

 Someone who has read 4 of your "Building a BBQ" articles or someone who read 1 article on why Vegans are Aliens?

 All subscribers aren't equal so use their behaviour as a guide to what they really want.

 Let your subscribers show you when they are interested in a topic, then send them the right offer based on that interest.

Introducing Big Income Small Lists Email Marketing Cohort #1

(I really need to find a shorter name!) Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you put a small number of people all with the same goal in an environment where they could be guided through every step of their journey?

Normal courses are too impersonal and lack accountability,  most people never finish a course they've bought. (quite a few never start!)

Personal Mentoring and One To One Coaching are too expensive for most people.

Group Coaching can get overwhelming if there are large groups on each call.

This Cohort is a new approach to Online Training.

It combines a level of One To One coaching, with group coaching and Video Training.

All are designed to ensure that you stay on track and succeed.

Yes, you read that correctly we replaced our "Course" with a 4 week cohort and kept the price reasonable.

Who Is This For

There are several types of people who will find this Private Training Group useful.

- Email Marketers tired of outdated strategies and low returns
- Coaches
- Course Creators
- Agency owners who want new services to offer thier clients
-Affiliate Marketers who want to effectivly presell
- E-commerce Store Owners
- Anyone Building a List who wants to create a full time income

Get All This And More

  • Lifetime Access
  • Video Training Modules
  • Access To Workshops
  • Access to Automations (Copy & Paste)
  • Help When You Need It
  • Group Access

Want Results Like This?

What Is In The Cohort

The Cohort consists of 4 weeks of Email Marketing training delivered on a daily basis. it will also include live sessions (they will be recorded) and a community where you can get help and ask questions 24/7

The aim is to help you build a profitable email list and implement the systems and strategies that will allow you to be successful even if your list is small.

During the cohort you'll learn:

• How To build a List And Get a Steady Stream Of new Subscribers
• How To Easily Craft Emails That Convert
• How To Create Simple and Advanced Automations
• How To Segment Your Audiences
• How To Use Conditional Content

The Cohort Runs From January 30th To February 28th and the cart closes at midnight on January 29th

Not One But Three Guarantees

#1 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you've followed the training and advice we give you and you don't make progress in we'll refund you in full within 60 days

#2 Above & Beyond Support Guarantee

There is nothing worse than not being able to implement it because something wasn't clear enough.

If you ever have any questions you can jump into the private group, log a call or even jump on another live call with me and I'll explain everything or help you to fix any problems you have

#3 Fresh As The Morning Dew Guarantee

Big Income Small Lists is constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing marketing landscape.

In addition, the course content is regularly reviewed and if anything needs to be updated it is done there and then.

You are guaranteed to always have access to the most recent version.

What Would Multiple Daily Sales on Autopilot Mean To You?

How would it change your life to be able to generate sales like these day in day out?

I'll be teaching you the exact systems I use on a day-to-day basis

Serious About Creating A Life Changing Online Income?

If you are serious about building an Online Income and using Email Marketing as a core component then why not join The First Cohort today?

Want to build the lifestyle you want?

This is the best way to do it.

This is the result of a single email sent to a small segment.
One SINGLE Email!

Would 1 of those a week make life easier?

This product is not currently for sale.

Access to The First BISL Email Marketing Cohort (January/February 2023)

Access To Email Marketing Training
Access To Community
Live calls
Personal Help and Support
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Big Income Small Lists Email Marketing Cohort #1

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